New Mexico petroglyphs: Headlines from the past (photos)

croppedpetro6There’s lots to see in Placitas, a small New Mexico community north of Albuquerque between the Sandia and Santa Ana Pueblos. If you take a stroll through the foothills, chances are you’ll spot ancient petroglyphs amid the hoof prints of wild horses.

And that’s what I found on a jog Sunday near my home.

On top of a hill I spotted petroglyphs of animals, insects, and other images lost to history. They were most likely created by the indigenous people of the region hundreds of years ago. Hopi journalist Patty Talahongva says they are headlines from the past.

Next to them, unfortunately, were a few scratches (defacing) likely made by area residents in recent years.

These ancient images are unknown to most visitors to New Mexico.

logoBut for Placitas residents, they are a source of pride. Even the Placitas-based Anasazi Fields Winery uses petroglyphs to brand its wine.

I don’t have my own wine labels, so I took some photos. [Click to enlarge!]:





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