Philosophy for kids: English y Espanol in El Paso and Juarez (video)

Philosophy for Children in the Borderlands is an educational program in El Paso, TX and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, designed to lead children in philosophical discussions related to the ethics and philosophy of the borderlands region. The El Paso Herald Post has the story:

A UTEP Philosophy Professor’s documentary and program looks into Philosophy for Children along the border.

UTEP Assistant Professor Amy Reed-Sandoval, Ph.D., is executive producer of the documentary funded by the American Philosophical Association.

“One of the primary goals of this documentary is to explore the ways in which the social, linguistic, political and historical contexts of the Mexico-U.S. border–and particularly El Paso and Ciudad Juarez–impact the sorts of philosophical questions that local children and community partners seek to answer,” Reed-Sandoval said.

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