Pocho Ocho best words the French gave to Spanglish

The French have contributed a great deal to pocho culture, including some choice palabras. We got a few of them together for your review:

8. Mamón You might think it means “asshole,” but in French it sounds like “mother.” Don’t be a douche.

7. Chingadeaux It sounds fancy when you spell it in French, but in Spanish it’s an expletive.

6. Le Cuchí In French it means “smart woman.”

5. Le Fundillue No no, not fondue, in Spanish it’s “fundillo.” You wouldn’t want to dip anything in there.

4. Le Baboseau When you call someone an idiot, why not make it sound refined?

3. Chingois ta mere  Dissing your Mom was never so sweet.

2. Merde The word merde was responsible for Mexicans replacing Aztec word cacahuatl with the modern expletive mierda.

And the numero uno word the French gave to Spanglish is…

Le gonorrhea

— María Purísima and Victor Payan contributed to this report.  Buy nifty cross-flag pins here.