Wikipedia: Please add these Pocho Ocho ethnic slurs for Mexicans

Can’t get no respect, not even from Wikipedia.

The online encyclopedia offers a comprehensive entry on ethnic slurs:

  • Bad names for Italians? Wikipedia is right there with Dago, Goombah, Greaseball, Guido, Guinea and Wop.
  • Wikipedia offers a shoutout to the Jews: Hymie, Kike, Mocky, Hebe and Sheeny.
  • African-Americans? Wikipedia has you covered: Coon, Crow, Boogie, Eggplant, Macacaca, Sambo and Spook.

And yet there is no listing of nasty names for Latinos in general, let alone Mexicans. No pinche respect!

So, pochos, if you’re Wikipedia editors, please note our Pocho Ocho top ethnic slurs for Mexicans:

8. Chile Bender

7. Border Baby

6. Cactus Breath

5. Jumping Bean

4. Hat Dancer

3. Piñata Packer

2. Tortilla Slapper

And the numero uno ethnic slur we need to add to Wikipedia comes from Hollywood, where Mexicans are known as…