Pocho Ocho top reasons not to watch the Oscars

fusionlatinosLot of pochos we know are insisting they won’t watch Sunday’s telecast of the Academy Awards. The big reason, of course, is Hollywood’s apparent inability to find roles for Latin@s other than maid or gangster (see infographic below).

But that’s not all! Here are the Pocho Ocho Top reasons they’re boycotting the Oscars:

8. Reading chingon first edition of The Iliad instead.

7. Machete don’t sext.

6. Six-hour MEChA meeting starts at the same time.

5. Beyoncé not nominated.

4. You can’t beat the Westminster Dog Show for hot bitches.

3. Too gay. Not gay enough.

2. Neighbor changed WiFi password.

And the numero uno reason pochos are boycotting the Oscars is…



Here are Hollywood’s shameful numbers from our amigos at FUSION. Click on the infographic to enlarge:


Comic Saenz, Eres Nerd, Professor Equis, Malcolm Mex and Maria Purisima contributed to this report.

Infographic by Oscar Bustamante for FUSION. ¡Gracias!