Pocho Ocho top Spanglish text message abbreviations

topabbreviations2An Australian company has compiled the Top 100 get message abbreviations they use in Oz (photo) and we realized the list from way way overseas totally leaves out the abbreviations we pochos use.

Here are the Pocho Ocho most popular Spanglish text message abbreviations:

8. FTP: Fuck That Puto

7. ADM: Ay Dios Mio

6. NMG: No Mames Guey

5. QLCh: Que la chingada?

4. CTM: Self-explanatory

3. C!C!C! Also self-explanatory

2. WWRD? What would Ritchie do?

And the numero uno most popular Spanglish text message abbreviation is…

NEP: ¡No era penal!

Victor Payan contributed to this report.