The Pocho Ocho top favorite ways racists try to tell me off

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 9.59.39 AMIt comes with the territory — when you tackle controversial issues you attract controversial responses.  Or, as I like to call it, Crackpot Racist Hate Mail From Right Wing Nut Jobs (CRHMFRWNJ for short.)

Some of the messages scrawled on paper bags in crayon (and blood?) are mailed to various newspapers around the country that publish La Cucaracha and/or my editorial cartoons.  Some post comments here on POCHO and assorted loons follow me from Twitter to Facebook to my blog to leave me droppings from their thought processes.  No one follows them around with pooper escoopers, so I’m stuck with what they call in the sewage industry “solid waste” — mierda for you pochos.

I spent maybe 10 or 20 minutes going through the folder on my Mac desktop named Love_Letters, and came up with this list of my Pocho Ocho favorite insults:

8. Go back to Africa!

7. You suck.

6. Nice try, Alcatraz!

5. Go eat some beans, you bean-loving beaner!

4. Lalo, you can give her all your love tonight with a potion that is guaranteed to help your length AND girth.

3. You are soooooooooo pusillanimous.

2. Maybe you should have “your” head bashed into the concrete

And the numero uno insult racists use to try to tell me off is…

I hate you, Gustavo Arellano.