Pocho Ocho ways birthday girl Frida Kahlo has influenced our lives

Those eyebrows, that hair, those monkeys. Happy birthday Frida Kahlo! We celebrate your awesome influence on our pocho lives by listing the top eight ways you’ve influenced us.

8. Made us think we, too, could be an artist. After all, she painted her own reality, right?

7. Inspired us to stop plucking your eyebrows. Or maybe you just didn’t feel like a chola anymore.

6. Helped us fall in love. If Frida could love a crazy fat man like Diego Rivera, surely the love of your life — and his panza — are worth the ride, too!

5. Led us through angst. During those difficult teenage years, you kept staring at Frida’s paintings, trying to identify with hers. Of course, you never fully got it — until you did.

4. Introduced us to Latina feminism. Your mom and abuela, of course, are hard core Latina feminists, but here was a chick was talking about it out loud! And proud. You go, girl Frida, thanks for the courage!

3. Gave us that “ethnic look.” The first time you saw her rings or her braids or her clothes, you knew you found your template for that “get back to your roots” look you sported in college.

2. Let us “experiment” during college. When you went through your “bisexual” phase, you figured it was cool, since Frida did it. Of course, you never actually slept with someone of the same sex — but you thought about it!

And the numero uno way that Frida influenced our lives is…

Giving us pride in our culture! She may have been a lot of things, but she was real, and she was historic, and she remains important to this day.

Feliz cumple girl!