Will babosos pay $25K to eat gold-flecked tacos in Cabo? (video)

RUPTLY, the Russian fake news and propaganda video channel, features endless news clips about how everything that’s not Russia is going to Hell in a hoopty.

This new video introduces a publicity-savvy chef who seeks to entice rich assholes into paying $25,000 for gold-leaf-garnished tacos (Kobe beef, lobster, Beluga caviar, foie gras, extra pretension included, guacamole extra charge) in Cabo San Lucas.

It looks like two folks chowed down on the admittedly beautiful tacos for the cameras, but were they ringers or customers? If you spend $25,000 staying the Presidential Suite, the tacos are free, so that’s something.

RUPTLY explains and translates:

Mas…Will babosos pay $25K to eat gold-flecked tacos in Cabo? (video)

Watch the ‘Smooth Criminal’ salsa version you crowdfunded

Peruvian-born percussionist and wannabe record producer Tony Succar heard a dream that included a salsa-style big band fronted by Boricua singer Jean Valdez performing Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, a dream you could help him realize if you would only please please CLICK HERE TO DONATE $10,000 on his crowdfunding website. And you did, so here you go! People who like this kind of thing will probably like this kind of thing.