Will babosos pay $25K to eat gold-flecked tacos in Cabo? (video)

RUPTLY, the Russian fake news and propaganda video channel, features endless news clips about how everything that’s not Russia is going to Hell in a hoopty.

This new video introduces a publicity-savvy chef who seeks to entice rich assholes into paying $25,000 for gold-leaf-garnished tacos (Kobe beef, lobster, Beluga caviar, foie gras, extra pretension included, guacamole extra charge) in Cabo San Lucas.

It looks like two folks chowed down on the admittedly beautiful tacos for the cameras, but were they ringers or customers? If you spend $25,000 staying the Presidential Suite, the tacos are free, so that’s something.

RUPTLY explains and translates:

Mexican chef Juan Licerio Alcala, who works at the Grand Velas Los Cabos luxury hotel in Cabo San Lucas, has unveiled his latest offering – the world’s most expensive taco.

Hotel guests paid a tidy $25,000 (€22,900) Saturday, to sample the ground-breaking gastronomic experience.

The dish is served with Kobe beef, lobster, beluga caviar and black-truffle Brie cheese, as well as topped with homemade salsa and gold flakes.

While many may scoff at the taco’s price, Alcala said it was worth it, since it features the finest ingredients from all over Mexico, as well as several from Europe.

To order the taco, customers must reportedly stay in the hotel’s luxury presidential suite and pay a $12,500 (€11, 400) deposit.

SOT, Juan Licerio Alcala, executive chef at the Grand Velas Resort in Cabo San Lucas (Spanish): “The idea was to create a product that could represent Mexico. We wanted something that could represent our country, and as a calling card of all Mexicans is taco, from there emerged the idea of creating the most expensive taco in the world.”

SOT, Juan Licerio Alcala, executive chef at the Grand Velas Resort in Cabo San Lucas (Spanish): “The ingredients used in this dish are mainly Mexican. We went to la Baja to find the best seafood, and found extra fresh lobster. From there we went to Guerrero State to obtain 24-carat gold. We travelled to Chiapas and Guajaca to get all the spices; we cannot forget the local product from here, Los Cabos, such as the flowers and organic vegetables. Then we expanded into Europe, in order to obtain the truffle, foie gras, truffle brie cheese. We also have a bit of Spanish saffron, we do have caviar in this dish as well as gold salt and Kobe meat.”