Will babosos pay $25K to eat gold-flecked tacos in Cabo? (video)

RUPTLY, the Russian fake news and propaganda video channel, features endless news clips about how everything that’s not Russia is going to Hell in a hoopty.

This new video introduces a publicity-savvy chef who seeks to entice rich assholes into paying $25,000 for gold-leaf-garnished tacos (Kobe beef, lobster, Beluga caviar, foie gras, extra pretension included, guacamole extra charge) in Cabo San Lucas.

It looks like two folks chowed down on the admittedly beautiful tacos for the cameras, but were they ringers or customers? If you spend $25,000 staying the Presidential Suite, the tacos are free, so that’s something.

RUPTLY explains and translates:

Mas…Will babosos pay $25K to eat gold-flecked tacos in Cabo? (video)

Good news? Gold tops cocaine as Peru’s top illegal export (video)

Peru, the world’s largest producer of cocaine, has a new booming illicit business: gold, according to FUSION:

Illegal gold mining has surged in the South American country, the world’s fifth biggest gold exporter. A new Univision Investigative report shows that the criminal organizations that traffic illegal drugs have diversified and are now in the business of trading the precious metal.

Mas…Good news? Gold tops cocaine as Peru’s top illegal export (video)

Legend La India Maria returns as ‘La Hija de Moctezuma’ (trailer)

ESPANOL: La India María debe encontrar a toda costa en lo recóndito de una montaña, El Mágico Espejo Negro de Tezcatlipoca, pues el espíritu de su bisabuelo Moctezuma Xocoyotzin así lo ha ordenado para evitar la destrucción de México.

Alonso, un atractivo arqueólogo español, Bianchi, un tramposo busca-tesoros y Brígida Troncoso — una ambiciosa gobernadora, se enteran de la existencia del dichoso Espejo, del misterioso Tesoro de Moctezuma y de la tal María, por lo que todos emprenden una frenética persecución detrás de ella para apoderarse del cristal mágico y del oro.

  ENGLISH: La India María (born María Nicolasa Cruz) must find, at all costs, hidden away in a big mountain, The Magic Black Mirror of Tezcatlipoca. She’s on a mission ordered by the spirit of her great grandfather Moctezuma Xocoyotzin,and she must succeed to stop the destruction of all Mexico.

Alonso, an attractive Spanish architect, Bianchi, a crazy treasure hunter and Brígida Troncoso, an ambitious governor, all find out about the existence of the Mirror, the mysterious Treasure of Moctezuma and María, which is why everyone pursues her to try to take away the magical crystal and gold.

Can underwater robots find Montezuma’s gold in Utah?

goldofmontezumaThere’s $3,000,000,000 worth of Aztec gold at the bottom of Three Lakes pond in Kanab, Utah and movie producer Mike Wiest along with landowner Lon Child are determined to get it, even if they need underwater robotic help.

For 100 years, locals have believed Montezuma’s treasure lies at the end of a tunnel below the Kane County pond.

Though some details vary, locals believe Aztecs dug the Three Lakes pond to cover the treasure’s cavernous hiding place in a water trap on the west side of the pond. Once dug, they could divert a river to the pond, fill it up and walk away from an ordinary looking pond with a valuable secret.

While it sounds far-fetched, the story has circulated throughout Southern Utah since 1914, when Freddy Crystal showed up with a map he claimed showed the treasure’s location. It wasn’t until the 1920s, when he found a series of sealed tunnels in nearby Johnson’s Canyon that people started believing him and joining his unsuccessful hunt for the gold.

Mas…Can underwater robots find Montezuma’s gold in Utah?

Dear Dr. Danilo Dinero: What should I do with this large cash settlement?

Dear Dr. Danilo Dinero:

I recently received a large cash settlement (six figures) after my Geo Metro was totalled at Melrose and La Cienega by Kim Kardashian’s shoe concierge.

After I pay off the remaining bills, I’ll have $100K in cash. What should I do with the money?

A Man Named Jed

Dear Jed:

Thank you for your over-written, obviously fake letter. Are you perchance referring to the Geo Metro with the new rims? Or am I just throwing in gratuitous links for SEO porpoises? (Whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals, baby seals.)

The real question is where do you, Mr. Nouveau Riche Jed, or whatever your name is, feel most comfortable on Dr. Dinero’s Pyramid of Risk and Reward.™

Can you handle the risk of losing everything or do you want safety even though it nets you less? In these tricky economic times, safety is the obvious choice. The riskier investments — higher on the pyramid — can pay off the most but they come with maximum probability of loss.

Mas…Dear Dr. Danilo Dinero: What should I do with this large cash settlement?

Searching for Eldorado’s City of Gold, modern ‘goldbugs’ infest AZ

Photog Diego Rivera visited an Aztlanian gold mine before the locals hid it from the 'Conquistadors'

(PNS reporting from THE HATE STATE OF ARIZONA) It’s a mystery from history that’s too shiny to die:

Where exactly is Eldorado, the famed City of Gold built by ancient Aztlanians and hidden from the brutal “conquistadors?”

A  swarm of recession-smacked out-of-towners asked the question again last week in Yuma County, AZ. The answer included injuries, Hollywood and politics as usual.

Mas…Searching for Eldorado’s City of Gold, modern ‘goldbugs’ infest AZ