Mexican Food in Slo-Mo: Burrito Mariachi promo video

Burrito Mariachi Mexican Grill, with three location on New York’s Long Island, posted a sexy slo-mo video of their food preparation. Try not to drool as you watch flying lechuga, grilling carne asada, guacamole in production, salsa from scratch, a cold bar, a hot bar, chopping cebollas, two kinds of arroz, frijoles, pico de gallo, and gigantic burritos being assembled. What’s for lunch by the way? Let’s get Mexican! [Video by JING.]

Facebook to change Latin American URL to

fahhhhhce2(PNS reporting from MENLO PARK, SILICON VALLEY) In a push to make the world’s most popular social media network region-friendly, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced today that the Latin American URL for the company’s website will be changed to, a decision celebrated by the 400 million users south of the U.S. border.

Mas…Facebook to change Latin American URL to

Costa Rica man freaks out at concept of ‘too much’ Lizano Sauce

(PNS reporting from PAVAS, COSTA RICA) Jose Valdez slipped into an existential crisis Tuesday after he spent the majority of his lunch hour at a neighborhood soda staring at his untouched bowl of rice and deeply debating whether he could physically add more Salsa Lizano to his already drenched platter.

The crisis began when Valdez, 21, uncorked the plastic bottle of Costa Rica’s famous, tangy, vegetable poop-colored condiment and realized he could no longer even see the white Uncle Ben’s rice served with his casado dish, which featured other culinary innovations such as beans and breaded fish. At that point, Valdez, with his hand visibly shaking as he gripped the Lizano bottle, had what he referred to as an epiphany-like “Diay, Mae” moment.

Mas…Costa Rica man freaks out at concept of ‘too much’ Lizano Sauce