Emilio Estefan: ‘Todos Somos Mexicanos’ (video, lyrics, credits)

estefanWe at POCHO have been around so long we remember when even Mexicans didn’t want to be Mexican. (We think that was just about two weeks ago.)

But Miami-based Cuban-American Emilio Estefan and his friends are all Mexicans now, at least in a music video.

By the way, we at POCHO also remember when Emilio Estefan threatened to sue the L.A. Weekly because of a “Mexiled” column that Lalo Alcaraz wrote portraying Estefan as the Fidel Castro of the Latin Grammys. Oh, but that was so long ago…

Let’s all be Mexican instead! Mexican, tu sabes, is the new black.

Mira y escucha: Todos Somos Mexicanos:

Mas…Emilio Estefan: ‘Todos Somos Mexicanos’ (video, lyrics, credits)

‘What Is Hip?’ Tower of Power and Carlos Santana (video, lyrics)

We borrowed the title of this Tower of Power mega-hit for POCHO Jefe Lalo Alcaraz’ toon about San Francisco hipsters so it’s only fair we show our true love for the Bay Area in general and TOP in particular.

Check out TOP’s performance of What Is Hip? live at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2006 (with guest star Carlos Santana.)

By the way, these are some hip lyrics:

So you want to jump out your trick bag
And ease on into a hip bag
But you ain’t just exactly sure what’s hip
So you start to let your hair grow
Spend big bucks to cop you a wardrobe
But somehow you know there’s much more to the trip

Mas…‘What Is Hip?’ Tower of Power and Carlos Santana (video, lyrics)