Emilio Estefan: ‘Todos Somos Mexicanos’ (video, lyrics, credits)

estefanWe at POCHO have been around so long we remember when even Mexicans didn’t want to be Mexican. (We think that was just about two weeks ago.)

But Miami-based Cuban-American Emilio Estefan and his friends are all Mexicans now, at least in a music video.

By the way, we at POCHO also remember when Emilio Estefan threatened to sue the L.A. Weekly because of a “Mexiled” column that Lalo Alcaraz wrote portraying Estefan as the Fidel Castro of the Latin Grammys. Oh, but that was so long ago…

Let’s all be Mexican instead! Mexican, tu sabes, is the new black.

Mira y escucha: Todos Somos Mexicanos:

From his YouTube channel:

The title of the song, “We’re all Mexican” is intended as a metaphor symbolizing that we can all become the victims of racism and bigotry at any moment as Mexicans are experiencing in recent times. Mexicans are being vilified in the United States by some of the media and political leaders and in some of the public’s sentiment because they comprise 67% of the Latino population and because their native country shares a direct border with the United States and are the majority of the “Latinos” crossing that particular border. But around the world, different immigrant groups are harassed and made to be scapegoats for the ills of their respective countries of residence. the song, “We’re All Mexicans”, celebrates the positive contributions of immigrants in the United States as a balance to the negativity being expressed publicly.

In the video:

Wisin, Pitbull, Thalia, Wyclef Jean, Taboo (Black Eyed Peas), Gloria Estefan, Carlos Santana, Banda El Recodo, Carlos Vives, Angelica Maria, Angélica Vale, Black Dada, El Cata, Jencarlos Canela, Natalia Jimenez, Rita Moreno, Pepe Aguilar, Luis Coronel, Espinoza Paz, Kathy Griffin, Whoopi Goldberg, Amaury Nolasco, Eva Longoria, Carlos Ponce, Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, Kate Del Castillo, Enrique Santos, El Piolin, Romero Brito, Chef José Andrés.

We’ve got lyrics:

We Are All Mexican, We Are All Mexican, We Are All Mexican, LA la la la la la…
Latinos Unidos abriendo camino
Que Nadie nos pare, eso es lo que yo opino
Caminando como peregrino, Firmas el éxito es nuestro destino
Paso fino con la fuerza de un submarino
Lo que yo empiezo lo termino
Boricuas, Dominicanos y Argentinos, Llegó México y se formó el remolino
Se reporta Colombia, Dile a tu vecino Que yo no termino
Yo nunca me inclino.
Sit back and have some beans
Amigo don’t kill the American Dream
We Are All Mexican, We Are All Mexican, We Are All Mexican ,LA la la la la la…
Le gusta el kétchup, ahora es pica pica
Toma chocolate
paga lo que debes
Y pegado con el dulce de leche
Pa lo mal de amores
Le dan guacamole
Se acabó la soda, lo que hay es agua de coco
Y poco a poco, empezó el alboroto
Estamos triunfando listen to me mi rey
El que no nos quiera le damos mamey…
We Are All Mexican, We Are All Mexican, We Are All Mexican ,LA la la la la la…
We Are All Mexican, We Are All Mexican, We Are All Mexican ,LA la la la la la…
La la la la you gonna become a fan when the trumpets join in the mariachis band
I love your moves
Hands On your waist
You bring the flavor to United States
No nos paramos, seguimos luchando, Striving for greatness, lo estamos logrando, Manos pa’rriba,
estamos triunfando, 
I love you America!
United we stand up so we can be free
Hearts in the sky for the red, white, and green
Soy el grito del pueblo
La voz del silencio
Valiente, guerrero, latino
We Are All Mexican, We Are All Mexican, We Are All Mexican ,Y Aquí Vinimos a Triunfar… (3)
Y Aquí Vinimos a Triunfar…

Lyrics transcribed by UNIVISION