Manitoba MexiMetal: The Mariachi Ghost’s “Susana” (video)

Electric guitar? ✔︎ Vihuela acoustic guitar? ✔︎ Guitarron? ✔︎ Trumpet? ✔︎ Soaring harmonies? ✔︎ Grunge synthesizer? ✔︎ Neo-charro outfits? ✔︎ Dia de los Muertos makeup? ✔︎ Hypnotic masked dancer in a red bandanna? ✔︎

Winnipeg, Manitoba, is the home of The Mariachi Ghost, the world’s best Mexi-Canadian progressive metal band. This live performance of Susana shows why. We don’t always feature 7-minute-long music videos, but when we do, they’re MexiMetal. 🙂


Mas…Manitoba MexiMetal: The Mariachi Ghost’s “Susana” (video)

Happy Mexican Dancing Horse Day! (videos)


OK, we made up Mexican Dancing Horse Day, but we think there should be holiday like that, with Banda music and all the oats you can eat! Above is a brand-new dancing horse video, and here’s a classic dancing horse FAIL video:

Mas…Happy Mexican Dancing Horse Day! (videos)