In the name of Jesus! This Mexican kid is harassing me! (video)

Too much caffeine? A “Christian” lady in an Oklahoma coffee shop has hella angry feels. “In the name of Jesus!” she exclaims. “This Mexican kid is harassing me!” We’re confused. Do you think his name might be Jesús? The video is from 2011, but crazy H8RZ are forever.

Speaking bad Spanish makes Silverlake artist look like douche

(PNS reporting from SILVERLAKE) It was a shocker when encaustic and collage mixed-media artist Ben Brown found out.

Even though he spent two years of high school learning Español, his habit of dropping a word or two in Spanish into day-to-day English conversations has not increased his “street cred” even un poquito.

The self-proclaimed free-spirit, a three-year resident of this trendy “East Hollywood-adjacent” neighborhood, said he had to face the fact that others did not perceive him as special or cool merely because said “hermano” or “comprende” at the end of his sentences, and they weren’t impressed by the pains he took to pronounce the double R in words like “burrito” or “ferrocarril.”

Mas…Speaking bad Spanish makes Silverlake artist look like douche