Our quest for photos of cactus cakes and cupcakes

cactuscupcakes640Alana Jones-Mann’s DIY: House Plant Cupcakes (photo) were the first to prick our interest when we saw them last week, so we went on a quest for more cactus cupcake photos. (Alana, by the way, is unsurpassed in capturing the true desaturated green-blue color nuances of actual cacti.)

This succulent-looking delectable is on Craftsy.com via Lola T.:

Mas…Our quest for photos of cactus cakes and cupcakes

Breaking: Silverlake hipster DOA after DIY project goes wrong

accidentscene(PNS reporting from LOS ANGELES) Jimmy “Doc” Juanes was found dead on Hyperion Boulevard near Fountain Avenue here late Sunday night in what the LAPD called a freak DIY project gone wrong.

The 28-year-old USC masters student in French literature was known around his Silverlake neighborhood for his inventive do-it-yourself projects that pushed the envelope for what is considered “standard” in the DIY/Maker community, and police here said that led to his demise.

Mas…Breaking: Silverlake hipster DOA after DIY project goes wrong

Un chico makes his own arcade: Caine’s Arcade

This has got to be the most wondrous film about a small Latino businessman ever made. Caine Monroy, a nine-year-old from East L.A.,  built his own DIY arcade out of cardboard boxes from his dad’s car parts store. He charges a dollar for two plays, but you really ought to get the Superpass, which is a good deal. He has designed security features with 99 Cent Store calculators, and an ingenious ticket delivery system that you have to see to believe. The excellent and funny short film is by Nirvan Mullick, who was Caine’s first and only customer — for a little bit, anyhow.

Watch the movie and warm your corazon!

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