Yes indeed! That surely is a mega California burrito! (video)

The Mega California Burrito from Sabor Taqueria y Mariscos in Oxnard, Califas, is made with “three large tortillas, generous portions of carne asada, beans, fries, grilled peppers, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and red sauce.” $25 feeds the whole family! Come for the burritos and stay for the micheladas. Or vice versa.

Why is it a “California burrito? It’s the San Diego-style fries inside.

Looks legit: How to make fish tacos (one-minute video)

Summer’s coming, that means beach weather, and that means seafood, like the Baja California favorite, fish tacos. Did you know that the great majority of “native” videos on Facebook are viewed without sound? This is one of those new-fangled recipe videos you can watch without sound, although you’ll miss the perky music. The recipe is pretty good, too.

Here’s the recipe from the Web Restaurant Store (they made the video):

Mas…Looks legit: How to make fish tacos (one-minute video)