Prudential courts Latinos with nonsense ‘Spanish’ #hashtag

I can only imagine what went on at the marketing pitch meeting for the above Tweet:

Prudential Executive 1: We need to connect with Spanish-speaking latinos *and* let them know we can help them be prepared and get financially fit.

Prudential Executive 2: Yeah, but the Prudential brand has to be prominent, and top of mind.

Marketing Dude: No se diga más. I got it!

Mas…Prudential courts Latinos with nonsense ‘Spanish’ #hashtag

Evangelical Latino Trump backer repents, seeks God’s forgiveness

(PNS reporting from TIO TACO, TENNESSEE) Jorge Fregado, executive director of the Hispanic Evangelical Legislative League (HELL), no longer supports the Trump Administration, he told friends here over the weekend.

Fregado (photo) — who hosted a party in Washington, D.C. over the night before the Inauguration — said he was disappointed by the GOP leader’s legislative agenda, and especially hurt since Trump attended his group’s gala celebration.

Mas…Evangelical Latino Trump backer repents, seeks God’s forgiveness