WHOA! IF TRUE! How to pronounce ‘taco’ (shocking video)

(PNS reporting from WASHINGTON) Top officials in the Intelligence Community have confirmed to PNS that the shocking video just released by the whistleblowers at HowToProunce.orgHow to Pronounce “Taco” — is totally legit and is only the first of many shockers to come. Check back here for further developments as we follow up on this breaking story.


Mas…WHOA! IF TRUE! How to pronounce ‘taco’ (shocking video)

From France: Creamed potatoes, red onions, and cheese ‘tacos’ (video)

Home fries, red onions, cream sauce and Pont-L’Evêque cheese are the stars of this one-minute recipe video for “tacos” from Elle&Vire, a diary conglomerate in France’s Normandy region. But this begs the critical tortilla-based question: Corn or wheat? Also note that they call tortillas “galettes fajitas,” which translates as fajita pancakes. Unclear on the concept, n’est-ce pas? On the other hand, since they want you to heat the assembled dish on a griddle at 400° for five minutes, and then fold it up, it’s actually a potato quesadilla. Or something.