Los Flintstones en Español: Wait ’til Fred y Barney get home! (video)

Fred and Barney come back from buying frutas frescas — watching out for the bank robbers mentioned in the car radio news alert — and you won’t believe what happens next!

Here it is en Ingles:

  • Fred and Barney joke about fresh fruit being wasted on their wives.
  • The guys “nerd shame” another guy building an airplane for the science show.
  • Fred is not supportive when Wilma and Betty invite them to the Women’s Art Show for good luck.
  • Bad guitar solos

Mexican food without those Mexicans: Tamales, $110, delivered

Got a hankerin’ for authentic Mexican tamales made with stone ground corn, top quality meats, lard, spices and natural flavoring?

How would you like those little “Mexican power bars” delivered to your door all frozen and stuff? Got $110? There are three colors to choose from, all for just under $20 a pound!

Here’s your link, sucker.

Mas…Mexican food without those Mexicans: Tamales, $110, delivered

Pocho Ocho top reasons Obama’s State of the Union gave us a sad

barackonDespite the his many significant accomplishments and chingon new proposals, we were disappointed by what President Obama didn’t say at Tuesday night’s State of the Union address.

Here are the Pocho Ocho top reasons Obama’s SOTU gave us a sad:

8. Still no federal funding for Flying Trocas research.

7. Didn’t announce plan to make Ted Cruz first U.S. ambassador to Cuba.

6. No tax cuts for tamale entrepreneurs, thus no Pedro Herrera III in the audience to give a shout out to.

Mas…Pocho Ocho top reasons Obama’s State of the Union gave us a sad

Robin Williams reads Pablo Neruda’s ‘Sonnet XVII’ (video)

In the film Patch Adams, Hunter “Patch” Adams — played by the late Robin Williams — “commits himself into a mental institution. Once there, he finds that using humor to help his fellow inmates gives him a purpose in life….”

Sonnet XVII
By Pablo Neruda

I don’t love you as if you were a rose of salt, topaz,
or arrow of carnations that propagate fire:
I love you as one loves certain obscure things,
secretly, between the shadow and the soul.

Mas…Robin Williams reads Pablo Neruda’s ‘Sonnet XVII’ (video)

Man disappointed with ‘What Selena Character are You?’ quiz result

Yolanda Corpus 2(PNS reporting from SAN ANTONIO) During his morning coffee break, local accountant, Lawrence “Lencho” Flores, completed a survey that appeared on his Facebook timeline called, What Selena Character are You? According to sources, Flores was deeply disappointed with the result of Yolanda Saldivar as his character.

According to the quiz, Flores is Yolanda Saldivar who “when you feel slighted, watch out!”

Mas…Man disappointed with ‘What Selena Character are You?’ quiz result

Modern Day Classics: Lighter Shade of Brown, Latin Active

latin active

Lighter Shade of Brown is an iconic group for Latino Hip-Hop.  The Southern California duo of Robert Gutierrez and Bobby Ramirez entered into the Chicano consciousness in 1990 with their album, Brown and Proud. Featuring the singles, On a Sunday Afternoon and Latin Active, the album is a modern day classic.

Mijo, these Tenis are nice, pero solamante uso Botas

oldhandsDear Mijo:

Muchas gracias for the regalos de mi Cumple! I thought the libros were great. Is this the book about that show on HBO con los lobos? We don’t watch HBO much porque tu Mom sees her Novelas y esa muchacha Rachel Maddow. Se enoja after watching her program. Va hacer volunteer con la guera, Wendy Davis. Dice qu no vieno a este país para que sus hijas no tenga oportunidades.

Pero, tu sabes I like leyendo better than seeing la Tele. Mijo, internet surfing counts as reading! A mi me gusta leer los periódicos en Mexico y el New York Times. Si, tambien leo el Perez Hilton. Mijo, I don’t have to be reading Enrique Krauze todo el tiempo.

Mas...Mijo, these Tenis are nice, pero solamante uso Botas

Area couple survives loud radio station promo van at grocery store

ranchosinaloa(PNS reporting from EDINBURG, TX)  They just about went deaf, but Alcario and Isela Garza braved a radio station’s sonic assault and managed to safely enter the Rancho Sinaloa grocery store here yesterday.

The Garzas — who had just left their yoga class — entered the relatively-quiet food market after surviving 150 decibels of banda coming from a radio station’s “Chingona Van.” The painted-like-a-billboard electric blue truck was parked next to the front entrance, blasting Banda Machos’s La Culebra at top volume.

Radio La Chingona, the Rio Grande Valley’s number one station, was giving out free bumper stickers and hotdogs, and Las Chingonas — two women in radio station cheerleader outfits — were spinning a roulette wheel that awarded two tickets to the station’s upcoming Noches Ranchera festival featuring Paquita del Barrio. The FM station proudly advertises “you’ll never know what we’ll play next.”

Mas…Area couple survives loud radio station promo van at grocery store