Mexican artist Axur Eneas: Videogame icons and mascots (toons)

mascotheaderComic artist Axur Eneas created a series of illustrations of videogame gear, characters, mascots, logos, icons, and glyphs for a gamer convention in Mexico DF. We captioned them all for your nerdy geeky pleasure.

mascot1Portal (the squid robot) and Super Mario Bros (the ? box).


mascot2Mortal Combat (dragon poster); Street Fighter (Ryu poster); Legend of Zelda (shield); Minecraft (8-bit monster at bottom right); Space Invaders (green alien 8-bit icon).



Contra (cheat written on whiteboard “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start” for one player);  ABBA is another NES cheat code; Runescape (butterfly in jar).



Pokemon  (meowth, cat); Super Mario Bros (Warrior, Evil Mario poster).



Sega Genesis Controller; NES Power Glove controller; Pokemon (balls in the wooden bucket);  Super Mario Bros (plant in planter); Legend of Zelda (blue sword).


You can follow Eneas on the Twitter and on Feisbuk tambien.