For Dia de Los Muertos: How about ‘The Mariachi Ghost?’ (video)

Over the weekend, Mexi-Canadia’s The Mariachi Ghost dropped this awesome Halloween/DDLM music video, named The Marigold, after the distinctive flower of Dia de Los Muertos.

Who/what is this band, exactly? The jefe explains:

Me llamo Jorge Requena. Soy Chilango. Vivo e Winnipeg, Manitoba en Canadá. Mi banda The Mariachi Ghost ha tenido un poco de éxito por acá y estamos muy contentos.

Pero Estamos por sacar nuestro primer video. Dirigido por uno de los mejores cineastas del mundo, Guy Maddin, con premios desde un Emmy hasta un oso de oro.

DF hipsters eat Pinche Gringo BBQ, pay with smartphones (video)

At Mexico City’s famous Pinche Gringo BBQ, there may be lines for food all the time, but when it’s your turn to pay, you can cough up the cash with PayPal. Pagar sin efectivo ni tarjetas sólo podría ser mejor si te regalaran algo y eso fue precisamente lo que PayPal hizo en Pinche Gringo BBQ, un lugar que preparara auténtico barbecue estilo tejano y donde además puedes pagar con tu smartphone.

Mexican biologists wonder: Where have all the axolotls gone?

axolotlYou know those uber-cute salamander-like axolotls who are native to the lake system in and around Mexico City? They’re gone.

The Guardian reports:

Growing up to a foot long (30 cm) and known as the “water monster” or the “Mexican walking fish”, its only natural habitat is the Xochimilco network of lakes and canals, which are suffering from pollution and urban sprawl.

Biologist Armando Tovar Garza, of Mexico’s National Autonomous University, described an attempt last year by researchers to try to net axolotls in the shallow, muddy waters of Xochimilco as “four months of sampling zero axolotls”.

Mas…Mexican biologists wonder: Where have all the axolotls gone?