WATCH: Mexicans + African-Americans + Gabachos: Mississipi ❤️ ‘hot tamales’

First, Mexicans from just over the border brought tamales to the fertile Mississippi Delta. African-Americans soon realized the Mexicans had a good thing going in these little, corn-husk-wrapped magical meat pies.

And, sure enough, area whites realized the masa miracles weren’t just for people of color anymore. And that’s why Mississippi loves tamales.

Yes, we know proper Spanish means it is one tamal, two tamales. But we’re not proper Spanish speakers or proper anything, actually.

Coon-hunting man kills chupacabra in Pigtown, Mississippi (video)

WJTV News Channel 12 writes:

(Leake County, MS) A hunter in Leake County killed a mysterious animal in a repurposed chicken-coop on Wednesday morning. Some people in the area say it could be the mythical Chupacabra.

The hairless creature was killed in Pigtown – a community in Lena, Mississippi. Armed with a .22, Matthew Harrell said he was “coon hunting” when he saw the glowing red eyes in the hay.

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eBay ‘sniper’ outbids local man for ‘Chola Low Riders’ pulp magazine

(PNS reporting from PDX) Area collector Reynaldo “Ronnie” Morales’ heart was broken Sunday night when a last-minute auction bid from an eBay “sniper” pushed the coveted September 1953 issue of Amazing Future Tales out of his grasp and into the arms of another.

The sniper killed Morale’s chances with a $37.83 winning bid.

Mas…eBay ‘sniper’ outbids local man for ‘Chola Low Riders’ pulp magazine

Mississippi: Rename Gulf of Mexico to ‘Gulf of America’

Mississippi state representative Stephen Holland

A Mississippi state lawmaker introduced legislation Tuesday that would rename the Gulf of Mexico the “Gulf of America.”

According to state Rep. Stephen Holland’s bill, the name would apply only to his home state, much to the relief of embarrassed neighboring states.

Ironically, Holland chose to rename this international body of water “Gulf of America,” not understanding that “America” is the name of the whole American hemisphere, mainly because the word “hemisphere” is twice as long as most words the average Mississippian legslator understands.

Mas…Mississippi: Rename Gulf of Mexico to ‘Gulf of America’