Neil Young vs the Dakota Access Pipeline: ‘Indian Givers’ (video,lyrics)

OG activist Neil Young stands up for the Standing Rock Sioux and against the Dakota Access Pipeline in this new song and video — Indian Givers.

The lyrics include the story of Dale “Happy” American Horse Jr., a Native activist who was busted after chaining himself to a digger machine at the site.

Mira los lyrics:

Mas…Neil Young vs the Dakota Access Pipeline: ‘Indian Givers’ (video,lyrics)

Musical pochos: The Premiers rock ‘Farmer John’ (audio,videos)

thepremieresFifty years ago the biggest summer radio record was Farmer John, a cover of the Don and Dewey R&B hit by The Premiers, a group of pochos from East Los suburb San Gabriel. [Editor’s note: If you cannot access the NPR audio, blame NPR which is still using an outmoded, incompatible Flash-based media player.]

NPR reports:

In the summer of 1964, Beatlemania was sweeping the United States, young men were burning their draft cards and race riots were raging in cities across the country — and wrapped up in all of it was the biggest hit of the summer in Los Angeles.

Mas…Musical pochos: The Premiers rock ‘Farmer John’ (audio,videos)