Pocho Ocho coolest addresses at new ‘.SOY’ Top Level Domain

iamsoy640Hey you Latinos – do you know your place in cyberspace?

Forget .COM, .ORG, and .NET and move on up to the new .SOY Top Level Domain, “the place for Latinos online,” brought to you by domain registrar Google, Inc. (screencap above).

What? The Goog explains:

.SOY is the domain name for Latino identity and expression on the web. .SOY can be anything you want it to be. It’s your place on the web for your voice, your business, or your bold new idea. Claim your name and join the .SOY community today.

You didn’t sign up yet? You better hurry because cool names in this Internet ghetto are going fast. We think these are the Pocho Ocho Coolest .SOY internet domains, but they already could be claimed, so click and learn:




Mas…Pocho Ocho coolest addresses at new ‘.SOY’ Top Level Domain