Minority gun owners start NGA group to challenge NRA supremacy

(PNS reporting from COMPTON) Minority gun owners tired of the “racist white agenda” of the National Rifle Association have launched the National Gun Association (NGA) to lobby for the rights of Latino and African-American gun owners.

NGA, straight out of the Los Angeles suburb of Compton, believes the NRA’s defense of mass shootings, which are mostly perpetrated by white male Christians, harms the real agenda of supporting gun ownership for personal and business self defense.

NGA president Cole Fotyfife, just back from President Bronco Bama’s inauguration (photo), said the campaign will focus on the message “Guns don’t kill people, crazy white people kill people.”

Mas…Minority gun owners start NGA group to challenge NRA supremacy

Groups livid over new MLK Malt Liquor commercial

(PNS reporting from ATLANTA) African-American and Latino organizations are furious over a new marketing campaign for Black Mambo Malt Liquor, the first beverage specifically targeted to the Afro-Latino market.

In the first controversial commercial, a young, spicy Afro-Latino spokesmodel named Ricky Martin Luther King was digitally inserted into footage of civil rights speeches to talk about civil rights and their connection to drinking malt liquor.

The so-called “I Have a Drink!” ad, which was directed by Quentin Tarantino, has infuriated both the black and Hispanic communities.

“This ad is an insult to everything Martin Luther King stood for. It is an insult to the civil rights movement. And it is an insult to insinuate that either Latinos or African-Americans actually drink Black Mambo,” says Ron de Cuba, author of the book 40 Ounces and a Mule: A History of Alcohol and Slavery in America.

Mas…Groups livid over new MLK Malt Liquor commercial