Mexican roqueros De Nalgas: ‘Con Dinero Baila El Perro’ (video)

When it comes to Rock en Español, we love De Nalgas y Molotov. In this angry new release, De Nalgas turn the standard lyrics music video upside down by spelling out the Spanish words via memes and social media. The band is sick and tired of Mexico’s hypocrisy and lies and this is their “combat anthem.” “Now more than ever we,” they emailed, “the need to rise up and fight, wave the Mexican flag in fair warning to the government we are no longer afraid.”

Since we’re pochos who can’t espeak Spanish, here’s an official translation:

Mas…Mexican roqueros De Nalgas: ‘Con Dinero Baila El Perro’ (video)

Los Mariachi: A song for ‘Señorita’ (#TBT music video)

losmariachisenoritaThis relatively unknown 2011 (or 2013?) video from Mexican rockers Los Mariachi just re-appeared on Vimeo with much better video and audio than the YouTube original and we’re glad it did. Señorita features the band’s awesome sweet Mexican metal – they got the action, they got the motion, yeah, the boys can play! That’s Ian Alvarez on soulful vocals, Carlos Casquejo shredding on the guitar, Ruben Balagot pumping it out on bass, Eddie Perez playing lyrical keyboards, and JamJam Emmanuel hitting hard on drums. Firme rock!

Mas…Los Mariachi: A song for ‘Señorita’ (#TBT music video)