Profe ‘Memo’ Nericcio sits in chair, goes to Laredo’s Mami Chula (videos)

POCHO amigo and contributor William A. “Memo” Nericcio is a professor of English and Comparative Literature at San Diego State University. The school him sat down in the red chair and shot this video, and we’re glad they did.

Did you know that Memo LITERALLY WROTE THE BOOK on our hero Speedy Gonzales?

Indeed he did!

And since it’s #TBT Throwback Thursday, let’s go back to 2010 when Memo kicked off his blog with a video of his visit to Mami Chula Drive-Thru Beer Run in Laredo, Texas:

Mas…Profe ‘Memo’ Nericcio sits in chair, goes to Laredo’s Mami Chula (videos)

San Diego: This carnitas/torta/waffle is ‘available to everyone’ (photo)

@gustavo_arellano #tortaonawaffle ack!

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This Bruxie chicken and waffles restaurant — near the college home of the Aztecs, the campus of San Diego State University — wants you to know their Aztec Meal Deal Carnitas “Torta” is “Available to Everyone!”

Also, you can double down on the waffle thang with waffle fries.

Wassup with San Diego college guys in ‘cholo pantalones?’

pantalonesheaderOzzie Monge unearthed this little tidbit of San Diego State University history — a bizarre attack on Mexican attire that ran in the student newspaper in 1922.

Foreshadowing Donald Trump, the students are quite sure about Mexico. “There,” they explain, “poverty is a profession.”

In Monge’s words:

Racism and Anti-Mexicanism at San Diego State College in the 20’s? Say it isn’t so….Anglos hating on Mexicans, hating on Indians, yet they proudly declare that their school is Del Sudoeste (a product of the imagined, romanticized Spanish past – and Eurocentrism) and will later take on the moniker Aztec from the imagined, romanticized version of the conquest they developed.

Mas…Wassup with San Diego college guys in ‘cholo pantalones?’