How greedy miners poisoned a city: ‘El Corrido Del Rio Sonora’ (videos)

Michael J. and Peter D. Ronstadt — of Ronstadt Generations — perform their song El Corrido Del Rio Sonora, about the 2014 Buena Vista Mine Spill in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. The spill released copper sulphate acid that flowed down the Rio Bacanuchi to the Rio Sonora.

The river supplies water for the capital city of Hermosillo. There is still no agreement on damages nor have there been any efforts to take remedial and preventative measures for the future.

Mas…How greedy miners poisoned a city: ‘El Corrido Del Rio Sonora’ (videos)

Ramiro Gomez remembers ‘The Forgotten – Los Olvidados’ (video)

ramiroLos Angeles artist Ramiro Gomez, Jr. first captured our attention when he began placing carboard cutouts of immigrant laborers in front of fancy mansions in Beverly Hills. Why? He wanted to celebrate the workers who are usually invisible by making them visible for all to see.

Gomez subsequently began creating cutouts memorializing immigrants who died on their journey to El Norte, and installed these new figures in the Sonoran desert on the border with Mexico.

Gomez and his partner David Feldman documented the project in Los Olivados — The Forgotten. Their documentary — which has been playing the film festival circuit for a year — is now online for the first time.

Here’s what they wrote on YouTube:

Mas…Ramiro Gomez remembers ‘The Forgotten – Los Olvidados’ (video)

Kilometer-long earthquake fissure splits Sonora (drone video)

An earthquake last week opened up a giant fissure in the desert west of Hermosillo, in the northern Mexican state of Sonora. The crack in the earth is 1 kilometer long and up to 25 feet deep in some stretches. This drone video shows Nature’s awesome power.