Video: Strange noises terrify TX and OK, Popocatepetl rumbling screen capture shows volcano

Every day brings us closer to Mayan Doomsday — Mother Earth will not rest.

Terrified reports of strange, unearthly noises have moved from the Upper Midwest and Canada to the Southwest, scaring the crap out of people in Amarillo, TX and rural Rogers County, OK.

South of the border, Mexican authorities just raised the alert level at the Popocatepetl volcano outside Mexico City.

The Amarillo incident is on video shot by two DJs from KISS FM who ran out of the studio to capture the ghostly howl (below).

Mas…Video: Strange noises terrify TX and OK, Popocatepetl rumbling

UFOHunter: This is the sound of the Mothership (NSFW)

Outer espace especial correspondent UFOHunter, the man behind ¡PutaNASA!, is back.

Building on his groundbreaking expose of the links between Mayan Doomsday 2012, gray aliens on the Moon and NASA UFO coverups, Orlando-based Hunter

  • reveals shocking details about unearthly sounds heard all around the world
  • admits he heard them too
  • plays back  the  recordings for all the Internets to hear

Then he asks the obvious question: IS THIS THE SOUND OF THE MOTHERSHIP?

Not safe for work.