Iguanas everywhere? This must be Nicaragua (video)

“Traveling to Nicaragua with his family, a young boy finds the world a weirder, scarier, and more difficult place. And filled, stuffed, and absolutely teeming with iguanas,” explains creator Miguel Jeron. The L.A. resident calls his video LA-GAR-TO. We do not know if he rolls his RRRRRR’s.

Stunning! Diving off Isla Mujeres, MX (video)

Peter Bennett Lefebvre shot some stunning closeup footage when he went diving off Isla Mujeres. Lefebvre set it to music by Manu Chao (Me Gusta Tu) and we think it came out pretty cool. Amazing little fishies! Ghostly crabs! Squirming squids! Reluctant sea urchins! Bizarre creatures we don’t know exactly what! Yellow, porous and absorbent esponjas! Check it out.


Mas…Stunning! Diving off Isla Mujeres, MX (video)

Mami, it’s cold outside (video)

That awkward moment when your boogers freeze and you miss the nice warm playa back in the DR. ¡Mami!