Quadcopter + GoPro + Mexican Ruins + Ace Drone Racer = Thrills (video)

PrintCarlos Puertolas aka CHARPU has been called the “best drone racer in the world.” We’re no experts on FPV (First Person View), but CHARPU demonstrates mad skillz flying a GoPro-equipped quadcopter through the architectural ruins of the Ex Hacienda de Coahuixtla in Morelos, Mexico. CHARPU, a San Francisco resident originally from Madrid, Spain, pilots his drones wearing virtual reality (VR) goggles (photo).

Watch: Mexican fashionistas demo what the cool kids will wear in 2035

The students at Mexico City’s Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Moda de Casa de Francia designed and produced 20 “intelligent” pieces of clothing for your fashion-forward future. Twenty years from now, we’ll all be wearing black and white poofy mexi-burkas with built-in virtual reality. SPOILER: All the extra-cool kids will have gray hair, 3D printers and electric shoes.