La lucha is real! ‘El Santo’ is ‘a real New-Mexican story’ for ‘real lovers’ (video)

El Santo, the Vimeo description says, is a “Real New-Mexican Story for Real Lovers.” We’ve watched it a buncha times and were not sure what it means or if we are one of those “real lovers” in the intended audience, but we like what we see. [Video by K48 PRODUCTIONS … in Milano of all places.] Also, be careful of strangely glowing cocktails with with bugs inside.

The lucha libre wrestler’s mask: Don’t enter the ring without it! (video)

The history of the lucha mask goes back hundreds of years.

“The mask is the most important accessory in lucha libre because the mask makes a warrior,” according Magno, a luchador for over 20 years.

Luchadores place such a premium on their in-ring personas that they refuse to reveal their identities whenever they appear at an event. The mask draws from Mexican history in which Mayans and Aztecs warriors would complete for superiority.

“They used to paint their faces to symbolize the warrior because they used to fight against each other to become the god, to become the top one,” according to Magno.

Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero: Good vs evil, plus a little kid (video)

The late, “despicable” wrestling pocho Eddie Guerrero insists opponent Rey Mysterio seat his son Dominic Mysterio ringside — so the son will witness Guerrero’s trimumph over his dad, up close and personal. Will Mysterio be so pre-occupied with his son’s safety that he’ll lose focus and let Guerrero’s distraction trick work its evil magic?

Evil wrestling superstar Eddie Guerrero? Wikipedia has the deets:

Mas…Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero: Good vs evil, plus a little kid (video)