Texans in trucks ambush Fort Bliss soldiers with Mexican MREs (video)

In El Paso, mechanized squads of senior citizens sneak up on soldiers and offer them exotic foreign “Meals, Ready-To-Eat” with origins South of the Border. These metal-encased MREs are called “burritos,” according to the truck people. And the Fort Bliss soldiers like them!

The USO explains:

Burrito Ambush! from Eric Brandner on Vimeo.

EL PASO, Texas—You never know when a burrito-wielding volunteer will strike.

OK, it’s not that dramatic. In fact, the soldiers on Fort Bliss who saw the Mobile USO canteen on Tuesday morning flocked to the truck in hopes of a free lunch. The volunteers inside didn’t disappoint.

USO El Paso started its Burrito Ambush program last year as a way to thank service members for their hard work. Its employees and volunteers fan around the base on select mornings to pass out hundreds of burritos to unsuspecting service members.

“The biggest payoff is to see those huge smiles,” USO El Paso Director Yolonda Castillo said.