The astounding ‘installation art’ of Ramiro Gomez, Jr.

Artist Ramiro Gomez, Jr. makes the invisible visible as he inserts paper images of hardworking Latinos into the landscape of Los Angeles — a gardener with a leaf blower, a housekeeper with a mop. There are many more images on his Happy Hills blog where he describes himself this way:

I live and work as a male nanny in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the Laurel Canyon area of the Hollywood Hills. Happy Hills is my body of work documenting the predominantly hispanic workforce, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to present the beautiful images of the ideal Hollywood Hills homes.

Gomez’s work is transitory — it exists in reality only for a short time and can only be preserved for posterity with photos.

Prof. George Lipsitz of UCSB recently discussed Romero’s work at a UCLA lecture:

For more Romero, and more street art, visit the excellent LA Taco blog.