The Pocho Ocho craziest cosas we found in our 2017 Rosca de Reyes

Rosca-de-reyes-mexToday is Three Kings Day, Dia de Los Reyes Magos, AKA Epiphany, the day when Los Tres Reyes dropped by the manger to gift up the original Anchor Baby, El Baby Jesus.

Check out the Pocho Ocho Craziest Things we found in the Rosca de Reyes here at the POCHO world headquarters:

8. Rosca’s Chicken and Waffles

7. Rockettes seeking asylum

6. 300-puund Яusski hacker

5. Blueprints for the Death Star courtesy WikiLeaks

4. The Zodiac Killer

3. Raisins! Yuck!

2. Middle Eastern Chuy

And the Numero Uno Craziest Cosa we found in our 2017 Rosca de Reyes was …



Eres Nerd, Comic Saenz, Professor Equis, and Maria Purísima contributed to this report.

Actual rosca photo via Wikipedia by Itzcuauhtli.