What is it? UFO/OVNI photo’d over San Antonio high school (photos)

78312_submitter_file3__imageHave the Space Brothers come to straighten out a screwed-up America and an especially messed-up Lone Star State? Were they here Monday?

Photos submitted to MUFON sure show something strange in the skies over a San Antonio high school named after the racist traitor Robert E. Lee. [All photos are minimized on this page. Click on an image to biggify.]

Here’s what the eyewitness/photographer reported to the Mutual UFO Network, and all of his photos:

I took my son to Lee high school around 12 o’clock noon to register for school. While he was inside I decided to take a couple pictures of the sun. After about 10 shots of it and looked at my photos and I saw what I saw [thought] was Kim [chem] trails from a plane. After zooming in for a closer look I noticed that there was no chemical trails.