Will Selena’s comeback tour feature a holographic JLo?

holoselena(PNS reporting from HOLLYWOOD) Selena’s old band is hitting the road this summer with a holographic version of the murdered superstar and Jennifer Lopez wants the part.

JLo played Selena Quintanilla-Pérez in a 1997 biopic about the singer.

“We tried to tell her a hologram was not an actual person and that playing a hologram was not the same thing as being in a movie, but she didn’t seem to understand,” band manager Beto Salinas told PNS.

Lopez called band members directly and begged for the role.

“She is trying to make a comeback, and since it worked for her with Selena, she thinks she can do it again,” Salinas said.

Since 1997, Lopez’s career has seesawed. She enjoyed tremendous success as a musician and scored as an actress but now finds herself very publicly divorced and judging American Idol.

Friends report that Lopez said being a Puerto Rican playing a Mexican worked out better for her than being a Mexican is for most Mexicans in real life.

Image based on a photo by SaraChicaD.

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