Argentine OVNI investigator warns of spacetime rifts on Route #5

by ROD ESTERLING on December 13, 2012 in Doomsday Countdown, El Now, Outer Espace

If you’re planning on driving National Route No. 5 in Argentina’s pampas region — especially between Santa Rosa and Catrilo — be extra careful. There are rifts in the spacetime continuum there, so-called “zonas de pérdida temporal.”  Drivers may be subject to “missing time.”

That’s the warning recently issued by Agentinean Oscar “Quique” Mario, founder of the Centro de Estudios OVNI (CEUFO.)

From the Inexplicata blog:

…People driving along National Route No. 5, specifically the segment between the localities of Lonquimay and Anguil, and who may have sensed time anomalies, should please report it immediately to CEUFO, as we have received reports of three cases at different times and days within the past month.”

Taking into consideration the request made by the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO) in La Plata, which was also aware of similar incident, it is a matter of vital importance to gather as much information as possible in order to perform the necessary studies toward understanding such an unusual phenomenon and its causes.

The report came in late last month:

Two young men whose duties cause them to travel National Route No. 5 on a regular basis between the communities of Catriló and Santa Rosa reported feeling “disoriented” during the trip on three separate occasions. After several minutes had elapsed, they noticed that they continued the trip without any further incident, but without any recollection of the distance they had already covered.

This occurred to them on three separate instances and at different times, both noon and sunset, without any apparent explanation. Joel, one of the protagonists of the strange story, told CEUFO that they were chatting normally at one point and suddenly became disoriented, having no idea of what happened to them, but upon reacting, they realized they had covered several kilometers without any memory of doing so.

The stretch of road where this alleged incident occurred is a segment of some 35 kilometers between the towns of Lonquimay and Anguil.

A similar incident befell a driver some ten years ago in the vicinity of Lonquimay.

The original report in Spanish is here.

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