Mexclusive: Beware the New World Order Deadly Space Termites

LiveLeak’s Jeffrey Barber has some serious warnings for you guys so listen up, K?

The pulsating you can see on this desk are YOYO NIOPION. These are extraterrestrial termites. They voraciously consumer not only wood, but everything. I mean EVERYTHING! but stone. They eat glass, steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, but most of all, they like, lithium. They thrive on lithium.

The two places that lithium is big in our reality are batteries, and in our brains. The YOYO NIOPION eat both of these things.

Scary, right? You don’t know the half of it!

Mas…Mexclusive: Beware the New World Order Deadly Space Termites

Chile officials: UFO/OVNI pics show real UFO/OVNI (photos)

chileufo1Officials at the Chilean government agency in charge of investigating anomalous aerial phenomena have confirmed that photos taken last year at a copper mine in the remote north Andes are definitely photos of an anomalous aerial phenomenon, or Objecto Volante Non Identificado.

The photos show a disc-shaped unidentified flying object with an internal glow, according to the experts, who concluded that the photos were genuine.

Mas…Chile officials: UFO/OVNI pics show real UFO/OVNI (photos)

Mexican Ouija board attack sends three to hospital (video)

Britain’s Daily Mail has the breathless bulletpoints:

Three American friends hospitalised after becoming ‘possessed’ following Ouija board game in Mexican village

What is it? Multicolored UFO/OVNI buzzes beach in Chile (video)

la_serena_ufo_2 A colorful OVNI/UFO buzzed the beachfront promenade in the northern Chilean city of La Serena and was recorded by a group of young people late last month.

OpenMindsTV reports:

The video was recorded at the La Serena beachfront promenade La Avenida del Mar, a location popular with tourists. As Chilean news site El Observatodo describes, the UFO video shows a small yellow light moving in the sky at different speeds and quickly changing altitude. And, according to UFO Digest, one of the witnesses can be heard in the video stating that the UFO lands in an empty lot on the beach before ascending again.

Mas…What is it? Multicolored UFO/OVNI buzzes beach in Chile (video)

Don’t worry, Mexico, El Brujo Mayor fixed the World Cup (video)

Antonio Vazquez Alba, popularly known as the the Grand Warlock of Mexico, is working his magic on the World Cup, cursing opposing teams and clearing the way for a victory by Mexico. El Brujo Mayor’s track record in influencing and predicting world events is unsurpassed; he famously predicted President Obama would not be reelected to a second term.

Did movie monster-maker H.R. Giger make El Chupacabra?

HRGigerThe death this week of artist H.R. Giger — best known for the fantastic creatures he created for films like Alien and Species — has unleashed some fascinating speculation about his role in shaping other people’s realities.

Did his creations inspire the descriptions of face-to-face enounters with El Chupacabra?

Prior to 1995, chupacbras were typically described as dog-like creatures, according to one expert.  The CryptoZoooNews reports:

Mas…Did movie monster-maker H.R. Giger make El Chupacabra?

Michoacán tornado home video: ‘¡No manches!’ (NSFW)

A tornado hit the town of Tangancicuaro in the Mexican state of Michoacán on March 22, damaging over 250 homes. This unedited, single-take home video features great play-by-play voiceover while the camera documents flying chonies and other debris. And enjoy the narrator’s colorful vulgar interjections! [NSFW Spanish audio.]

BSAA airliner over Andes transmits ‘S T E N D E C’ in Morse, vanishes

STENDECbigThey called her Star Dust.

The British South American Airways (BSAA) Avro Lancastrian airliner (registration G-AGWH) took off from Buenos Aires, Argentina enroute to Santiago, Chile on August 2, 1947.

Star Dust’s final Morse code transmission to Santiago airport, S T E N D E C, was received by the control tower four minutes prior to its planned landing and repeated twice:

… – . -. -.. . -.-.


… – . -. -.. . -.-.


The Morse transmission sounded just like this:


Star Dust — like Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 and Argentina’s Cadet Flight — was never heard from again.

And what does S T E N D E C mean? No one knew then, no one knows now.

Mas…BSAA airliner over Andes transmits ‘S T E N D E C’ in Morse, vanishes

Deja vu all over again: Where in the world is Argentina’s TC-48?

missingplanewThe Argentinean Air Force Douglas DC4, TC-48, took off from Howard AFB in Panama on Nov. 3, 1965 with 68 on board — nine crewmembers and 59 cadets from the 31st class of the Military Aviation School. It was supposed to be their last training flight before graduation.

The so-called “cadet flight” was never seen again.

Will a new search expedition have better luck?

Inexplicata explains:

Mas…Deja vu all over again: Where in the world is Argentina’s TC-48?

‘Game of Thrones’ inspires exotic pet cross breed chupacabras

houstonchupacabraClaude Griffen, from Gotcha Pest Control in Houston, knows ’em when he see ’em.

The mysterious chupacabra sightings plaguing this Texas city, he says, are encounters with weird cross breed pets inspired by television.

Reliable source reports:

“It was very vicious, very long, longer than a human,” said Claude Griffen from Gotcha Pest control, who was brought into check out the photos. “It was a pretty big animal, very well fed.”

Houston animal control officials said they have heard of people trying to breed dogs that look like so-called direwolves from the TV show Game of Thrones.

Mas…‘Game of Thrones’ inspires exotic pet cross breed chupacabras

UFO/OVNI hovers over park in the Yucatan — what is it? (video)

The video shows the bright object hovering over Los Almedros II Park in Ciudad Caucel, in the Yucutan.

Yucatan MapInexplicata reports:

A putative UFO was recorded on video on 11 February 2014. The videographer adds that it was recorded at 22:00 hours on that day, adding: “I’m not saying it’s a spaceship, but it is an unidentified flying object.”

Mas…UFO/OVNI hovers over park in the Yucatan — what is it? (video)

Mexican biologists wonder: Where have all the axolotls gone?

axolotlYou know those uber-cute salamander-like axolotls who are native to the lake system in and around Mexico City? They’re gone.

The Guardian reports:

Growing up to a foot long (30 cm) and known as the “water monster” or the “Mexican walking fish”, its only natural habitat is the Xochimilco network of lakes and canals, which are suffering from pollution and urban sprawl.

Biologist Armando Tovar Garza, of Mexico’s National Autonomous University, described an attempt last year by researchers to try to net axolotls in the shallow, muddy waters of Xochimilco as “four months of sampling zero axolotls”.

Mas…Mexican biologists wonder: Where have all the axolotls gone?

From Venuezuela: Труп чупакабры в Венесуэле (chupacabra video)

Hey! I took Russki in college. Труп чупакабры в Венесуэле means “corpse of a chupacabra [found] in Venezuela.”

Poor Venezuela. Ever since Commandante Hugo Chavez died, his chosen successor Nicolas Maduro has had to cope with a series of Yanqui plots that are screwing up the economy in his socialist paradise.

First came the toilet paper shortage which Maduro blamed on imperialist sabotage, although he later tried to paint it as an example of his economic successes, claiming Venezuelan shit production had reached record levels, thereby outstripping the papel hygenico supply.

Mas…From Venuezuela: Труп чупакабры в Венесуэле (chupacabra video)

Did Uncle Sam kill Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson? (video)

Did the United States government kill Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson as part of a plot to “control African-American youth through their music?” Former Defense Department operative Robert Connors says we’ll find out Monday next week! [Note: We tried to run a copy of this video earlier today but it was removed from LiveLeak just after we published our story at 7:30 AM. Please email if you see a ‘video no longer exists’ screen before we notice it. Gracias.]

MX UFO/OVNI Report: ‘Several orbs, extreme speed, stop instantly’

glowingorbsFrom the case files of the Mutual UFO Network:

Long Description of Sighting Report: UFO incident

Date Submitted: August 24, 2013
Sierra del Cautivo section
Sierra Madre Oriental at the point of the border of the States of Tamsulipas and Nuevo Leon, approximately 30 miles north-northwest of Ciudad Victoria,Tamaulipas, Mexico

The hours between 20:50, 2 August 2013 and 03:00 3 August 2013:

At that time it is usually possible to find me on the west-facing corridor of our little adobe home in a rural area about 25 miles northwest of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. The west-facing view gives a good point of observation of the complex of the Sierra del Cautivo, which is a cordillera of the general ranges of the Sierra Madre Oriental. The elevations change sharply from our place….at about 1,000 feet….to parallel ridges of increasingly high mountains that rise to over 5,000 feet within 5 miles of our little place and then on up to nearly 13,000 feet within 30 miles as one moves further to the west. These mountains are essentially impenetrable, very rugged.

Mas…MX UFO/OVNI Report: ‘Several orbs, extreme speed, stop instantly’

Marina’s Way: A Cyber-Novela [Chapter One]

2marina900Marina is exhausted but exhilarated. Her entrails are convulsing violently as she pumps hundreds of rounds into the hordes of CSA Minutemen coming at her from all sides. After two sleepless nights of hard battle, she can barely hold onto the trigger, which is a throttle gyrating wildly in her hands.

She is emptying magazines from eight different machine guns placed strategically on the exoskeleton of her BattleBot or “Bot.” Bots are oversized suits of armor, equipped with lasers, machine guns, rocket launchers, grenades, poison gas canisters and other weapons systems.

Bots are operated by specialized Bot Pilots working deep inside the steel behemoths, which weigh thousands of pounds and stand five stories high. BattleBots were secretly developed by the U.S. Army and were now widely used by armies around the world.

“Incoming,” squawks Marina’s radar. “Shit! Some pinche vendido traitor ratted us out,” Marina hisses into her headset as fighter jets roar overhead and the forest explodes all around her.

Mas…Marina’s Way: A Cyber-Novela [Chapter One]

Mexican paleontologists unearth 15-foot-long dinosaur tail (video)

It’s 72 million years old and really impressive, dug into the desert just across el otro lado from Texas. From the AP:

Mexican paleontologists say they have uncovered 50 vertebrae believed to be a full dinosaur tail in the northern desert of Coahuila state. The National Institute of Anthropology and History [INAH] says the tail is about 15 feet (5 meters) long and resembles that of a hadrosaur or crested duckbill dinosaur…. Paleontologist Felisa Aguilar says they uncovered roughly half of the dinosaur, which was 36 feet (12 meters) long and lived about 72 million years ago.

Mas…Mexican paleontologists unearth 15-foot-long dinosaur tail (video)

Popocatépetl erupts again, threat level raised, and we’ve got videos

National Geographic reports:

Less than 40 miles outside of Mexico City, the volcano Popocatépetl is erupting, sending ash plumes roughly two miles into the atmosphere. Over the weekend, airlines took the precaution of cancelling flights out of Mexico City, even though the airport itself remained open.

Authorities have upgraded the threat status of the volcano from Yellow-Phase 2 to Yellow-Phase 3.

This news report from Canal Estrella TV (video, above) offers an aerial perspective you don’t often get to see.

Here’s the PopoCam video:

Mas…Popocatépetl erupts again, threat level raised, and we’ve got videos