No, ancient Peruvians didn’t have alien DNA because science

paracasPochos, we have the sad.

When we reported in February that the famous ancient elongated skulls of Paracas, Peru contained alien DNA, we thought it was all scientific and stuff.

Here’s what we wrote.

“After testing samples from five of Peru’s 300 elongated Paracas skulls, a geneticist has finally released the results and they are mind-blowing,” The Anomalist reports:

The mysterious skulls found … within a gigantic graveyard contain mitochondrial DNA that shows mutations not found in humans. In other words, these guys were not human. Or at the very least were human-like.

Furthermore, the studies show that the skulls were not deformed purposefully by binding because the skulls are 50 percent larger than an average human’s and the facial features are not deformed by any sort of outside force either.

These big-headed human-like creatures were born like that. So what were they?

Why were they in Peru? And why were they buried all together in one graveyard? This is an intriguing mystery that will only grow deeper as more research follows.

Now we learn that the strange DNA isn’t so alien at all, and just may come from an early human ancestor

Furthermore, according Mysterious Universe, the skulls might be elongated because of an ancient custom of body modification called head binding (photo.)


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