Did movie monster-maker H.R. Giger make El Chupacabra?

HRGigerThe death this week of artist H.R. Giger — best known for the fantastic creatures he created for films like Alien and Species — has unleashed some fascinating speculation about his role in shaping other people’s realities.

Did his creations inspire the descriptions of face-to-face enounters with El Chupacabra?

Prior to 1995, chupacbras were typically described as dog-like creatures, according to one expert.  The CryptoZoooNews reports:

Loren Coleman, director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine, agreed that many Chupacabras sightings—especially the more recent ones—could be explained away as appearances by mangy coyotes, dogs, and coyote-dog hybrids, or coy dogs….

“[But] In 1995 chupacabras was understood to be a bipedal creature that was three feet [about a meter] tall and covered in short gray hair, with spikes out of its back,” Coleman said….”



The kicker, though, is that Species was released in Puerto Rico on July 7, 1995, just a month before [chupacabra sighter Madelyne] Tolentino saw the monster, and right in the beginning of the chupacabra craze. And where is the monster first seen in the movie? If you said Puerto Rico you either saw and remember Species or you know where this is going.

Here’s Tolentino’s sketch of the creature she encountered in 1995:


Here’s a H.R. Giger monster creature from Species (1995):



Top image via CryptoZoooNews.