Crunchy Thai treat in a bag makes you magically Mexican! (video)

What are they eating? Chips? Rolled taquito-looking snacks? Does she say “Mexican sweet chile?” We don’t know, but how can you go wrong when one crunchy bite magically turns this attractive Thai couple into tango-dancing Mexicans! [Mariachis not included.]


Mas…Crunchy Thai treat in a bag makes you magically Mexican! (video)

Dancing with Selena, memories of childhood, and pepperoni pizza

Three hours into Selena night at the Regent in downtown Los Angeles, Bidi Bidi Bom Bom starts playing.

I feel this deep, animal sense of belonging.

This is my song and I need to be on stage. I claw my way up to the stage and slip in a puddle of what is maybe human sweat.

The hands of my fellow Selena enthusiasts pull me up.

We do what we came here to do: we dance.

Mas…Dancing with Selena, memories of childhood, and pepperoni pizza

1940s Style: Orquesta de Don Ramon ‘Chicano Boogie’ (video)

It’s not much of a video but it rules as a wild examplar of 1940s pachuco “boogie-woogie jitterbug” (like Lalo Guerrero’s Los Chucos Suaves.) This performance features unstoppable rhumba-flavored proto-rock-n-roll beat-me-eight-to-the-bar-boogie-woogie highlighted by shouted Spanglish insanity. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give a nice welcoming round of applause to Orquesta de Don Ramon as they perform Chicano Boogie. [The artwork is from the Arhoolie compilation album. Yes, the track ends abruptly.]

Dancing Tijuana Cop: The White Zone is for Moonwalking only (video)

“Police officer Jose Ruben Echeverria showed he had the moves Sunday in the Mexican city of Tijuana, dancing to some of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits while directing traffic. Numerous bystanders snapped photos of the dancing police officer, with some even joining in with him. Echeverria says he dances while directing traffic to make the experience of being stuck more pleasant for motorists and pedestrians. He also said it can help boost people’s mood and improve their attitude.” — RUPTLY.

Vatos Locos International: Meet Thailand’s ‘cholos’ (NSFW videos)

What do a Buddhist meditation teacher and a Thai policeman have in common? They both think they are “Mexican gangsters” because tats, Pendletons, leaning like a cholo and saying “Fuck the popo!” [NSFW lyrics and explicit subtitles in English.]

Ditto two Armenian gang-bangers who were deported from Southern California back to the Old World; these vatos locos are fighting for Bashar al-Assad in Syria:

Mas…Vatos Locos International: Meet Thailand’s ‘cholos’ (NSFW videos)

Rare color footage from the 1940s: Frida Kahlo dances (video)

Although Frida Kahlo was seriously injured in a traffic accident as teenager, she never let her physical challenges hold her back. “I was born a bitch. I was born a painter,” she said. In this recently-discovered color footage, most likely from the 1940s, the artist revealed herself as a provocative dancer — with a signature style.


Mas…Rare color footage from the 1940s: Frida Kahlo dances (video)