California cultural ambassador Joseph Alvarado wants you to learn How To Dance Like A Mexican.


In the formerly-Soviet Република Србија (Republic of Serbia), lowrider rides you!

8. After generations of risking having your heart cut out when you climb a pyramid, Latinos have inherited a genetic fear of heights.

7. Jumping high and fast? Latinos ride low and slow.

6. That’s Mexican jumping BEANS not Mexican jumping balloons. [Mas…]

Dear Abuelita,
What is the deal on “sexting”? Do guys really think a low-res cam-phone photo of their junk will make me swoon with desire?

Take me to a gallery opening or a new artisan bakery or something dick-less, por plis.

If I judged boys by dick pics, my dance card would be filled with Stiff, Vein-y and Ugly. And that means you, Eduardo. Stop it!
Signed, Just an old-fashioned girl, I guess

Dear Old-Fashioned Whiner,
Let’s be honest, we all know you swoon over the low-res cell-cam photos. I’d even bet your cell phone is set on vibrate and kept tucked in your chonies, cochina. [Mas…]