Sure, he’s a masked, knife-wielding serial killer. But she’s a Latina mom with a chancla. AAAIIIEE!



hategene(PNS reporting from CHICAGO) They think they’ve finally figured it out: A single gene — passed from father to son — is responsible for the hateful words and actions perpetrated by white males.

A 20-year-long Northwestern University study on male aggression, released this morning, backs their conclusion.

The report, Male Pattern Whiteness: Genesis or Genetics, details a genetic relationship between male whiteness and the wave of white-originated violence sweeping the country, like mass shootings, killer cops and senseless foreign wars. [Mas…]

It’s a scary day for the Roach family that lives in the wall. Maria la Roach Killer, equipped with an industrial-strength chancla, is on an anti-bug mission — and impetuous young Roachie Roach won’t listen to warnings from his mom. [Video by Haldun Morgan.]

MORE from Haldun Morgan: [Mas…]