(PNS reporting from HUNTINGTON BEACH) Area sales manager Rick Miller is happy to share his new-found Spanish vocabulary with co-workers, buds from the office disclosed Tuesday.

Miller (photo), who explained that he went to a barbecue Sunday over at his new Mexican-American neighbors’ house, informed early arrivals at yesterday’s quarterly sales meeting that a limon is actually what we call a lime in English, and lemons are limas in Spanish. [Mas…]

No pinche RONCO appliance this time, just a grill, corn on the cob, and all the fixings. Yay! As always, street not included, and bring your own Tajin.


Once you catch onto their accents, the reactions of these Irish folks to Mexican sweets and treats are priceless. Their body language is quite revealing, too. Not only do their faces turn quite red, but their red hair gets even redder! 😉

And although we’ve always said the Irish are the Mexicans of Europe and friends of La Gente (San Patricios, etc.), it’s quite apparent from this video that chiles, limon, tamarindo, and horchata are not universally appreciated.

Even at 10:30 at night, at the Taqueria Jalisco – located in the car park behind the American Embassy in Mexico DF – you can get a killer plate of tacos de suadero (a cut of beef like flank steak) for $2.40. Our British guide TrueMexico takes us out to eat.

La Quirky Nancy discovers mangos in East LA and lives to tell about it. #laQuirky #Columbusing


Quirky food video blogger katie q discovered this totally delicious new healthy food treat LOL OMG. Latino-style people eat this all the time, I’m so sure! It’s a fruit they call a “mango” and they squeeze lime juice on it and add hot sauce, just like you put mousse on your hair when you go out clubbing. Srsly, is this quirky or what? [Mas…]

Food porn meets taco porn as the Los Angeles Taco Company (available for bookings now!) shows how they do it in Session. Cumbia available for an additional fee; ask your server.

Elotes! Fresh hot elotes! How to make Mexican corn (video)

by JEFE BOYARDEE August 21, 2013 Cultura
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Some kids may be back at school but it’s still Summer. And there’s no summer without elotes, fresh and hot from the grill.


@SaraChicaD: My Pocho Ocho favorite foods (video)

by Lucida Grandé August 9, 2013 Cultura
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POCHO’s Subcommandanta del Ñews Sara Inés Calderón (also known as @SaraChicaD on the Twitter) is very particular about the foods she likes. Here are her Pocho Ocho faves… RELATED: San Bernardino teenager addicted to Takis