make-it-a-combo-meal-wendy [Mas…]

When you compete for LIKEs and LOLs online, virtual Sticks and Stones can hurt like real body blows and peer pressure can be painful to resist. This Canadian video reveals one easy trick that can help you break on through to the sunshine of your love.

topabbreviations2An Australian company has compiled the Top 100 get message abbreviations they use in Oz (photo) and we realized the list from way way overseas totally leaves out the abbreviations we pochos use.

Here are the Pocho Ocho most popular Spanglish text message abbreviations:

8. FTP: Fuck That Puto

7. ADM: Ay Dios Mio

6. NMG: No Mames Guey [Mas…]

photoshopmexicanHis name is Brandon, and he emailed with a request for some Photoshop help with a photo taken at Disneyland:

Can you take the Mexican person out of the picture?

Here’s what happened next: [Mas…]

It’s the year’s very first Taco Tuesday, which means you can laugh yourself back to work with this borracho taco recipe video.

Cooking while drunk is dangerous, especially if it involves charp knives. Don’t try this at home.