Migration is Beautiful: The Monarch Butterfly Story, from Marina Valle, supports
the California Endowment Defend DACA and Immigration Awareness Campaigns.

tortillasThe 3000 indigenous residents of Santa Clara de Juarez make a living by making tortillas, starting with non-GMO corn they grow in their own fields. An Australian tortillero went to the town to document the process. [Mas…]

8. Chile

Does it matter that you don’t eat chile? Or that this special hot sauce will burn a hole in your ulcer? No, eat it, you’ll see how much better you feel.

7. Nopal or linaza (cactus or flax seed)

If there’s something wrong with you, let’s flush it out. Sure, you will be spending the next week in the bathroom, but by the time you come out, whatever was ailing you will be long gone.

6. Rubbing an egg all over you while saying a prayer. (Una limpia con huevo)

Did your abuelita learn this ritual in church? Hell no, but for whatever reason, when she’s rubbing a cold egg all over you saying a Catholic prayer, it somehow makes you feel better. By the time that egg sucks up whatever evil eye someone gave you, the idea that this ritual is strange and old world will have slipped your mind. [Mas…]