I finally saw Ozomatli perform in my San Diego barrio Friday, after years of declaring that I wouldn’t miss their next show. (Shoutout to Barrio Network for the tickets.)

I was already expecting a great show from this band I have been following for years, and was extra stoked since we would be treated with their new single Libertad.

The venue was crowded, everyone in attendance was eager to see the Ozos perform. (Boss man Lalo had told me that the band’s live performances do not disappoint, and indeed it was a riot to see them live.

Noticing the reactions of the crowd around me, Ozomatli’s music resonated with them at a personal level.

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POCHO amigos and SoCal homies Ozomatli put a reggae spin (with some topical lyrics) on La Bamba.

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Juan Gabriel recorded this emotional performance of the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic Have You Ever Seen the Rain earlier this year. QEDP.

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